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With the rise of social media beauty influencers on platforms like YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram consumers are beginning to amass large amounts of makeup. They often fall victim to overconsumption and are forgetful about discarding expired products. I sought to design a mobile app to help makeup lovers effortlessly maintain inventory of their cosmetics while encouraging conscientious spending.



  • Design a mobile app that allows users to upload and catalogue their makeup products.

  • Devise a barcode scan/batch code upload feature.

  • Develop a product expiration date reminder feature.

  • Provide user purchasing statistics.


UX Research

UX | UI Design

Brand Identity



Beauty and Wellness



Mobile App




Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma





Value Proposition Canvas


Market Research

Makeup consumption behaviors

  • On average, consumers own 40 cosmetic items but only use 5 products daily. This means the average person owns 8 times more makeup than they use.

  • 87% of consumers are aware that makeup products expire.

  • 75% of the average consumer (25-50) does not finish their makeup, before it expires or at all.

  • More than 80% have problems discarding expired makeup because they forget, they feel guilty about the amount of money they spent on it or worry they might need it later.

  • 82% of women who report skin issues with expired makeup still feel guilty about disposing of it.


Market Research

Makeup industry and sustainability

  • The beauty industry is one of the biggest sea polluters.

  • 120 billion plastic cosmetic packaging are produced every year.

  • Cosmetic packaging is not always easy to recycle. Most of the boxes, bags, and containers these products come in are made of a mixture of materials.

  • 92% of buyers will be loyal to a brand if it supports environmental or social causes.

  • 44% of 18-36 year-olds say that sustainability and ethics-related considerations are very important when buying beauty and wellness products, twice as many as those aged 55+ (22%).

  • 15% of consumers consider sustainability information more important than price, efficacy or the product description when buying a beauty product.

  • 48% of shoppers feel a lack of information is holding them back from a more sustainable lifestyle.​​

Competitive Analysis

myBeautyCache - mobile app

  • Strengths

    • Custom product tags

    • Product samples section

    • Shopping list section

    • Statistics section with spending summary

    • Looks section allows user to upload makeup selfies and list products used

  • Weaknesses

    • Products must be entered manually

    • Purchases section not connected to real purchases

    • No expiration date reminders

Competitive Analysis

Beautistics - mobile app

  • Strengths

    • Budget planning section

    • Spending statistics

    • Over budget notifications

    • Edit makeup categories

  • Weaknesses

    • Products must be entered manually

    • UI feels outdated

    • Calendar section has no phone calendar integration

    • Inventory summary does not have products listed by brand​



User Personas

Tatiana - The Beauty Influencer (28)

  • Wants and Needs

    • Stay up to date with trends and new product launches.

    • Keep track of makeup products used in reviews, tutorials and received in PR.

    • Discover sustainable brands to show their viewers.

  • Frustrations

    • Pressure to find new makeup products and brands to review.

    • Struggle keeping inventory of products in makeup collection.

    • Difficulty remembering to discard expired items.

“I want to inventory my cosmetics with the touch of a button.”



User Personas

Robert - The Makeup Artist (37)

  • Wants and Needs

    • Build makeup collection with products to suit every type of client.

    • Save inspiration for client makeup looks.

    • Visualize the color range available of each product in their makeup kit.

  • Frustrations

    • Ensuring they are not using any expired makeup on clients.

    • Building a makeup kit that accommodates a range of skin tones and skin types.

    • Difficulty transitioning to using more sustainable brands.


“I want to remember what colors/shades I already own of a certain product.”



User Personas

Sandy - The Makeup Lover (24)

  • Wants and Needs

    • Invest in new makeup from sustainable brands.

    • Maintain inventory of makeup products to avoid accidental repurchase.

    • Plan future purchases to avoid overspending.

  • Frustrations

    • Struggle to identify expired products.

    • Difficulty finding sustainable products that are comparable to items they already enjoy.

    • Too many brands and products to choose from.

“I want to be notified when my products are about to expire.”



Mid Fidelity Prototype

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